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We are currently in process of porting our ancient (literally) pootle instance to a shinny new pootle 2.5. This wiki is to document the changes in pootle 2.5 the maintainers need to care about.

Porting Pootle 2.0.6 to 2.5

Our old poolte instance was running on 2.0.6 with an SQLITE3 stats database, and a mysql users database. Pootle merged stats.db and users database into one database in pootle 2.1.6. So, we first had to migrate 2.0.6 to 2.1.6, run the migration script (which merges stats.db and users database) and get a database dump.

The next step is pretty obvious, we then loaded the database dump into 2.5 and let pootle's migration script do its magic.

Configuration Files

  • The configurations files are now present in /srv/www-sugarlabs/pootle/src/pootle/settings. Any file ending with ".conf" will be picked up by and settings will be loaded from them.
  • The configuration files are loaded in alphabatical order. eg: 10-abc.conf will be read before 20-abc.conf, and settings in 20-abc.conf will take priority.