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VirtualBox 2.2.0b2 on Vista64 host

  • iso image boots to Sugar after initial fault (second boot after inserting a Ctrl-Alt-Del worked)

  • install to VBox disc fails to start Sugar


USB Sticks and SD Card 2GB: (All SD and USB prepared first:hardy Partition editor: Delete partition/ make fat 16 partition/set boot flag) used script from Soas page:

sudo ./ --noverify --overlay-size-mb 500 --home-size-mb 500 --unencrypted-home Soas2-200904141108.iso /dev/sdb1

EeePC900 works great wireless supported on Apple Airport Extreme WPA 128 (Alpha USB and SD 2Gb);

hp e-pc 1.2 Celeron boots from CD Soas2 only. Wireless not tried, audio not tried;

Dell 530n works great Wireless not tried, audio not tested USB and CD