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=== Roles ===
In addition to the Release Manager, there are four five other distinct roles in the new-feature process: the proposer of the idea; the developer of the idea; the maintainer of the relevant module and the Sugar community.
* The the proposer (or "owner") of the idea is the one that proposes the feature and completes the new feature proposal as described below. The owner may want to follow the development and provide feedback throughout the process;* The the developer of the idea is the one that implements the idea and, where applicable, follows the process to include it in a release;* The the maintainer of the module is the one that reviews any code that needs to be merged for a feature; * the design team is responsible for ensuring the overall consistency and quality of the Sugar experience; They will provide feedback during the process; and* The the community provides feedback throughout the process, but especially at the stage where by we decide which new-feature proposals to pursue.
As noted above, the Release Manager is the one that sets and enforce the policy for features, including setting dates, formalizing processes, etc.

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