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:<div style="padding: 1em; border: 1px dashed #2F6FAB; background-color: #FBFBFB; margin: 1em 0px 1em 0em; font-family: Courier;">/run/initramfs/live/LiveOS/livecd-iso-to-disk --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb '''500''' --home-size-mb '''800''' --unencrypted-home /run/initramfs/livedev /dev/sd'''?'''1</div>
: The ''livecd-iso-to-disk'' installation method has other advantages over the ''liveusb-creator'' method by allowing the creation of a separate, persistent /home/liveuser folder with the <tt>--home-size-mb ''NNN''</tt> option. This feature avoids consumption of the write-once persistent overlay for Activity storage (see [[LiveOS image]]) and allows one to update the OS image while keeping the user files (by running the script against your existing installation but <u>leaving out</u> the --home-size-mb NNN option).
::* A {{Code|--delete-home}} option is available to avoid an error message while requesting both a new home (with {{Code|--home-size-mb}}) when there is already a persistent home on the device). You wouldn't use the --delete-home option on an upgrade of the operating system only.
:Depending on the size of your USB stick, you may have to decrease {{Code|--overlay-size-mb}} and {{Code|--home-size-mb}} values (for example, for a 2 GB stick, use 500 for the overlay and 800 for the home folder).

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