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  • ...ez, in order give the Sugar user some feedback about their activity usage. Agustin had written the original activity to show free space in the Journal. I adde ...In this case, the roles have reversed completely: I submitted the patch to Agustin.
    3 KB (525 words) - 18:53, 27 October 2012
  • 2. Agustin Zubiaga Sanchez, a youthful, up-and-coming developer from Uruguay, has released a very nice
    3 KB (490 words) - 16:09, 11 February 2012
  • 3. Agustin Zubiaga Sanchez noted that last week we passed the threshold of more than eight million act ...Chess, Sliderule, Story, Yupana, and XO Editor. I also worked with Agustin Zubiaga on Portfolio, Flavio Denesse on Ruler, and Daniel Francis on Turtle Blocks.
    9 KB (1,447 words) - 12:56, 16 November 2012
  • easier: Daniel Francis implemented multiple home views; Agustin Zubiaga Sanchez implemented background image support; Ignacio Rodríguez implemented a tool
    9 KB (1,410 words) - 13:32, 9 February 2014