Sugar Camp Q2 2011

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There are several proposals for a Sugar Camp for late Q1 or early Q2 of 2011.

Candidate dates and venues include:

Dates Venue Host/Co-event Would you be able to attend?
5-7 May Montevideo CeibalJAM! and presummit "Conozco Uruguay" Community Exploration Tour
26-28 May Montevideo Squeakfest/Universidad Católica del Uruguay
15-24 April Montevideo Vuelta_a_Uruguay
24-25 March Miami OLPC
27 June-3 July Bogota Campus Party

Please add your self to the table above so we can get a rough idea of which dates/venues work for the most people.

We are looking into funding to help defray some of the travel costs. But what ever money we can raise will undoubtedly be limited.

We are also debating topics for the Camp. While who can attend will impact our choice of topic, some ideas that have been discussed include:

Topic Rationale
Python 'introspection' and GTK3 sprint "right now we're stuck on deprecated code (pygtk) that no-one wants to maintain any more"
Activity sprint Bring all of the Sugar activities to a consistent, up-to-date standard (including consideration of ^^)
Collaboration sprint Update Sugar collaboration to reflect advances made since we developed our model.
Multitouch sprint Requires GTK3 support.
Your idea here ...