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(We have not had an ED since 2008. The SFC asked us not to use that title and the role itself was at best ill-defined.)
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The [[Oversight Board]] is responsible for appointing delegates with executive functions.
#REDIRECT [[Oversight Board]]
Any Sugar Labs [[Sugar Labs/Members|member]] can be appointed by the board. Existing
delegates include:
* <strike>[[Sugar Labs/Executive_Director|Executive Director]] (ED)</strike>
* [[Sugar Labs/Treasurer|Treasurer]]
* [[Sugar Labs/Members|Membership Committee]]
* [[Sugar Labs/Ombudsman|Ombudsman]]
Coordinators are appointed independently by each SIG.
* [[Sugar Labs/Teams|Team Coordinators]]
* [[Sugar Labs/Projects|Project Managers]]
* [[Local Labs|Coordinators of Local Labs]]
The [[Oversight Board]] appoints one of its members as a liaison to each SIG.

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