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Soas-avocado.svg Sugar on a Stick v9-(Beta) Avocado Remix

  • New 05/28/2013 updated
  • Note this is a REMIX and thus not official Fedora.
sugar 0.98.7
  • VirtualBox.png Download and import this VirtualBox Remix file into VirtualBox: 781M
  • Root=sugarroot
  • User= sugar password= sugaruser
lightdm login will display
Blank Bar (enter login: sugaruser)
  • Boots to (Name_____) and (Color_____) then f3 Home sugar screen
  • NOTE software update in sugar-control panel does not work
How to add your user to the vboxusers group
  • Required to allow USB access to sugar
(This cannot be done from gnome or KDE users)
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers username
In this case it will be:
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers sugar

Logo SoaS 01.pngSugar on a Stick v8 ʻŌhelo ʻai

ʻŌhelo ʻai is the name of a native Hawaiian berry

VirtualBox.pngSugar Desktop Environment f18 anaconda 19.6-2 DVD x86_64
anaconda 19.6-2
NEW 02 19 2013
firstboot not run
sugar 0.98.3 includes Additional sugar activities; administration tools
  • download and import:
User can change XO colors and frame and keep jabber connection
  • Built with: h ttps://
No longer available 11/08/2013 satellit
Working f18-SoaS.iso's
updated 02/01/2013
  • 32 and64 bit:
Keep the original values you set for name and color on first run
Do not change any values in MySettings/AboutMe that require a reset

Soas-quandong.svgSugar on a Stick v7 Quandong

Updated 02/20/2013
Sugar 0.96.1
  • download and import:
firstboot not run
  • SoaS starts at color selection
use <==(Back) to change/personalize users name
  • Setting name and color configures the sugar identity and sets a unique ssd key
  • This only happens the first time that this SoaS Appliance is started
root password=sugarroot
8-GB Virtual Box hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)
See Introduction to the Sugar Interface

Soas-mango-lassi.png Fedora-14-SoaS Mango Lassi

(14 June 2011)

  • firstboot has not yet been run.
Sugar on a Stick 4 (Mango Lassi)
sugar: 0.90.1
  • Bugs:
Control Panel/Software Update does not work.
Delay in start (edit to uncheck floppy disk)

Soas-mango-lassi.png Sugar on a Stick v4 Mango Lassi

NOT Recomended for use with
Sugar 0.90.1
Note Sugar 0.90.x is buggy, use a version of SoaS with the 0.88.1 version.
How Built:
8-GB VirtualBox hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)
download and import 2 files:
  1. 12 KBytes
  2. 606 MBytes

(09 January 2011)

had to modify the .ovf to get the image running on a X60 with ubuntu maverick: 12K
  • Note, this appliance has 1024x768 display resolution as VirtualBox extensions were compiled into the kernel.
To Update Sugar
Sugar update does not work in control panel
  • In root sugar-terminal:
yum groupinstall sugar-desktop
(install 9 packages, Upgrade 10 packages) 02/02/2011 satellit

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