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Stop hand.png NOTE:
The content of this page is considered
It is preserved for historical research, along with its talk page.

see Sweets Distribution

A page of test results combining Sweets Distribution with various supported platforms.

Do this first

The command:
wget ftp://download.sugarlabs.org/packages/sweets-distribution.sh
sudo sh sweets-distribution.sh
will just install "sweets" package to have "sweets-distribution" command in the system.
Sets up gpg key
  • Hint: This works nicely in VirtualBox also.

Ubuntu 11.10

sudo sh sweets-distribution.sh select Factory
sudo sh sweets-distribution.sh sync

Trisquel 5.5 sweets-distribution

Revised July 3, 2012
  • Note: After installing sweets-sugar ; Update Manager will not run: fix is to enter command: sudo chmod +r /etc/apt/sources.list
Updates: Apr 16 2012:
 -Core UI Components
 -A set of widgets to build HIG Compliant Activities
   sweets-sugar toolkit
 Other Updates (sweets-distribution)
 -Application to Manage Sweets-Distribution repositories
Installed over a previous sweets-distribution install--Satellit 21:16, 8 April 2012 (EDT)
  • sudo sweets-distribution select Factory
-- Extracting bundle to /home/robert/.local/share/sweets-distribution
-- This is a standalone sweets-distribution launcher
-- Use "select" command to install it to the system
-- Composing "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/SweetsDistribution.list" repository config
-- Patch global "/etc/apt/sources.list" to hide any Sweets Distribution related lines
-- Update sweets package(s)                                                     

-- Hint: Use "status" command for getting status after selecting new repository -- Hint: Use "sync" command to make sure that installed packages are the same as in newly selected repository

  • sudo sweets-distribution sync
-- This is a standalone sweets-distribution launcher
-- Use "select" command to install it to the system
-- Uninstall sweets-distribution package(s) to make downgrade possible
- Update sweets-desktop, sweets-sugar-presence-service, sweets-sugar, sweets-sugar-artwork,
 sweets-sugar-base, sweets-sugar-datastore, sweets-sugar-toolkit, sweets- telepathy-gabble, sweets-telepathy-glib,
 sweets-telepathy-mission-control, sweets-telepathy-salut package(s)
  • Some visible changes in F1 view:
* the number of buddies should be increased from ~20 to 70-90
  some Sugar versions (maybe 0.90-0.92) don't publish information about
  nickname/colors on regular basis; this information are being stored on disk for now
* for some buddies, server still don't have information about colors (replaced by gray) and nick names (jabber ids)
* Neighbourhood view will show non-Sugar contacts (balck&white colors)
  that might be useful, e.g., to start chating with them using Chat activity
  • sudo sweets-distribution status
-- This is a standalone sweets-distribution lauchner
-- Use "select" command to install it to the system
Platform:    Ubuntu-11.10
Installed repositories:
  Factory   Ubuntu-11.10
Need to sync:                                          
Available repositories:                             
   0.88      Ubuntu-10.04, Ubuntu-10.10
   0.94      Ubuntu-10.04, Ubuntu-10.10, Ubuntu-11.04, Ubuntu-11.10
   Factory   Ubuntu-10.04, Ubuntu-10.10, Ubuntu-11.04, Ubuntu-11.10

Ubuntu 10.04.4 sweets 0.94

wget ftp://download.sugarlabs.org/packages/sweets-distribution.sh
sudo sh sweets-distribution.sh
  • Manual install:
sudo apt-add-repository "deb $SD/$SV/Ubuntu-$UV/ ./" && \
wget -qO- $SD/$SV/Ubuntu-$UV/Release.key | sudo apt-key add - && \
sudo apt-get update && \
sudo apt-get install sweets-distribution
  • Full Update in Update Manager (64 files) --Satellit 12:06, 18 April 2012 (EDT)

Fedora 14

Fedora 14 i686 live desktop installed to VirtualBox HD

  • Updates Apr 22 2012 --Satellit 17:51, 22 April 2012 (EDT)
  • sweets-distribution status
Platform:   Fedora-14
Installed repositories:
  Factory  Fedora-14
Need to sync:
  sweets-sugar (0.94.1-21.1 => 0.94.1-22.1)
  sweets (0.1-10.1 => 0.1-13.1)
  • sweets-distribution sync
-- Update sweets-sugar, sweets package (s)

How to install sugar 0.94.1 sweets-distribution on Fedora 14

yum install wget
wget not installed
wget ftp://download.sugarlabs.org/packages/sweets-distribution.sh
  • sh sweets-distribution.sh
-- Install sweets package
-- Hint: Run "sweets-distribution -h" for getting help
will just install "sweets" package to have "sweets-distribution" command in the system.
Sets up gpg key
  • sweets-distribution status
Platform Fedora-14
Need to sync:
Available repositories:
Factory  Fedora-14
-- Hint: Use "select" command to start using one of the available repositories
-- Hint; Install "sweets-desktop" package to have Sweets Desktop
  • sweets-distribution select Factory
-- Create "/etc/yum.repos.d/SweetsDistribution" repository config
-- Import GPG key from "/packages/SweetsDistribution:/Factory/Fedora-14/repodata/repomd.xml.key"

-- Hint: Use "status" command for getting status after selecting a new repository
-- Hint: Use "sync" command to make sure that installed packages are the same as in newly selected repository

  • yum install sweets-desktop
Install 40 Package(s)
Upgrade  1 Package
Installs basic desktop- No Activities
use 2nd USB to install xxx.xo files or unzip to ~/Activities
Browse (122-129) do not work yet
"There are no deps installed. Current Factory does not handle it yet"--Satellit 07:54, 9 April 2012 (EDT)
How to start Sweets-Desktop
  • Fedora Applications/Education/Sugar
Starts Sugar Emulator
  • Log out/Log in to "Sweets-Desktop: from bottom bar of gdm login screen
Starts Sweets-Desktop

Fedora 14 x86-64 Desktop install to VirtualBox (Does not start sweets-distribution)

Emulator and gdm login crash

How to Access the Sugar Network when Factory is installed

Hover on central Avatar in f3 (Home) circular display of sugar.
  • My Settings/Sweets Distribution
This screen appears:
Sweets Distribution
[X] Integrate Sweets Distribution features
Sugar Network

 Server url (htp:

  • Check box [X} to connect [ ] to disconnect
  • Restart computer
  • Press the f8 Key:
A listing of 36 pages of sugar activities appears Letting you start and run 215 sugar activities--Satellit 00:37, 18 April 2012 (EDT)

A Listing of the Activities in sweets_distribution:Factory

Detailing which activities work.
<alsroot> : not all activiites will work, only ones that don't have external deps and are pure python.
this development stage running all activities is not a priority.
it is in early development stage, ping icarito and kaametza, they are developing client side application


Mockups and explanation of Sugar Network screens


Hexoquinasa is a Sugar Distribution based on Harmonic Distribution
developed jointly by SomosAZUCAR and Sugar Labs's Platform Team
in collaboration with the Sugar community.


The general rule for 0.94 and 0.88 repositories is using activities only
from [Sweets Distribution] packages and only for Fructose. The rest of
activities need to be handled manually, e.g., installing missed
In other words, 0.94 and 0.88 repositories are restricted in case of
activities (in some meaning it was just a proof of the system).
Only new system (right now in Factory repository) will cover full cycle
(activities [itself] will be handled out of native packages, from Sugar
But right now, Factory is not ready for more or less regular usage. So,
for regular usage choose 0.94 (or 0.88), avoid updating Fructose activities
from ASLO (excluding only pure python and without dependencies) and use
them only from [Sweets Distribution] packages.
I've updated the Wiki:
  • Hint: If you download a non working activity from ASLO:
Delete it in list view of Home (f3) --right click on it in listing.
sudo sh sweets-distribution sync
This reinstalls original activities

Link: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Network

Collaboration Tests

  • Testing-results:
Ubuntu 11.10 sweets on http:// shares chat (f8) with fedora14 sweets (f8) on http:// even though f14 has no activities installed.--Satellit 13:45, 10 April 2012 (EDT)