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Puredyne seems to do what we are looking for ( script).

Yup - we did it for Blueberry, too:

We also need to worry about the cyl/head data in the MBR:

00:15 < bernie> dsd_, mtd: apparently, these numbers where on some crap consumer media like the iomega zip and bios writers of course felt the urge to hard-code the parameters of these devices in their boot code
00:16 < bernie> dsd_, mtd: the bios reads the partition table to tell the difference between USB-ISO, USB-Floppy and USB-HD
00:16 < dsd_> alright, a USB oddity then
00:17 < bernie> because the ISO fs skips the first 2KB and the floppy and hd layouts can be intermixed with some clever tricks, there are tools around to create bootable USB sticks that work with all 3 methods
00:18 < bernie> but they told me that some stupid bioses which would boot fine from USB-HD will be tricked into trying, say, the ISO way and then choke at some later steps.