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It would be interesting to think about this project within the context of a few other Sugar activities. For example, in Memorize, you can associate words, pictures and sounds. It would be nice if there were a database of such combinations that could be used here, in Memorize, and perhaps other activities. (I could imagine an activity that let the child begin to construct simple sentences by sequencing cards, for example). So my point is, coming up with a good representation for the cards as they are saved as Journal objects is an opportunity for Sugar beyond this individual activity. --Walter 15:00, 9 April 2010 (UTC)

Hello Walter thanks for your comments. This project is the beginning of future tools. What you point out is the next step to integrate words into sentences. I have personally used this method but have not achieved a desired development time, say the words. However I have been teaching for more objects and that the delay in speaking child knows by pointing or deny if there is one who knows. I think it would have needed even more complex workflow activities to enhance teaching and geometries as known figures or poultry when the child entered kindergarten. --Carlos Cardenas 16:37, 19 April 2010 (UTC-5)