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I see many posts to the mailing list by newcomers going unanswered. I see the lack of an official Sugar Labs annual general meeting (although Finances shows some funding of meetings.) I see the lack of a vision that is kept current. Therefore I propose a "Welcoming Commitee" and a "Events Committee": The role of the SL President includes reviewing and resetting the vision of the organization every 12 months, organizing the Events Commitee to run an annual Sugar Labs Summit where the vision is presented and discussed, and running the welcoming commitee to welcoming each new member of the community as they arrive and speaking with them until they contribute or drop out; and speaking with them at least once every 3 months to encourage and involve them. Davelab6 (talk) could be relevant Davelab6 (talk)

What_is_Sugar? could be relevant Davelab6 (talk) has many relevant points Davelab6 (talk)

2011 Local Labs statements

Davelab6 (talk)

Original 2008 Press Release Davelab6 (talk)

"I think facebook app/game versions of sugar activities is smart marketing, but I would suggest making them a little limited, to get people hooked on them, and then telling people to upgrade to the main app to play the next level. You are probably more familiar than I am with the facebook free basics fiasco. Facebook seeks to establish itself as a grand gateway to what the internet can do, and the software freedom movement yearns to make Facebook obsolete. (eg, see One of the ideas of Sugar is to raise awareness about the software freedom movement, and as such, providing the full experience within the facebook police-state playpark is an own-goal. We should reach people where they are in the playpark and lead them out of it. " Davelab6 (talk)

"A major effort is underway to port Sugar activities from Python to Javascript in anticipation of offering them in an Android environment. There are certainly many new activities in either Python or Javascript (or both) which could be done. In the area of Sugar activities, there is another effort to port Python Sugar activities from GTK to GTK+3. One specific area of interest is collaboration. Our current technique is being deprecated and so some work is needed to re-implement activities using a collab-wrap which provides a simpler api for activities which support collaboration. As volunteers, in the end, you should tackle what interests you. Personally, I would like to see more effort on new development; however, it is hard to deny the need for porting." Davelab6 (talk)

GNU General Public License only?


governed by software licenses compatible with the GNU General Public License

Aren't some activities public domain or licensed more permissively, e.g. BSD? --Quozl (talk) 21:22, 19 April 2016 (EDT)

  • Sure, that's why its "licenses COMPATIBLE with the GNU GPL" :) Davelab6 (talk)