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[SoaS] SoaS v10 testing with activities not included in the standard distribution

Dear colleagues,

Below, yo will find different tests of SoaS v10 with activities not included in the standard distribution.

7 activities cannot be installed. The error message makes reference to [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

Many activities cannot start. Some start then stop.

[ok] corresponds only to simple tests. Systematic tests were not performed.

I may try to send log messages as soon as possible.

Soon on Internet,

Jean [Jean.Thiery(ò)ModLibre.info][1]


List of Activities used by OLPC-France projects


This list presents activities - used by OLPC-France


- and not included in SoaS-10.

These activities are sorted in different categories.

  • Gcompris* (not in SoaS 10)

gcompris-17.xo [ok except for 2 missing images] gcompris-18.xo [does not start]

  • Essential activities* (not in SoaS 10)

jukebox-26.xo [ok] jukebox-32.xo [does not start]

read_92.xo [does not start] read_111.xo [reads texts but displays errors]

read_etexts-24.xo [to be checked] read_etexts-26.xo [to be checked]

write_79 [does not start] write_94 [does not start]

  • Child activities* (not in SoaS 10)

aide-5.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

appel_haken-24.xo [ok]

arithmetic-2.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

colors-15.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

falabracman-1.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

fractionbounce-14.xo [ok] fractionbounce-21.xo [ok]

geoquiz-5.xo [loads then stops]

implode-12.xo [loads then stops]

madagascar-2.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

ooo4kidsfr-3.xo [does not start]

reflection-8.xo [ok] reflection-13.xo [ok]

ruler-24.xo [ok] ruler-31.xo [ok]

tuxmath-2.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

words-17.xo [ok]

  • Specialized activities* (not in SoaS 10)

distance-32.xo [ok]

drgeo-1204.xo [ok]

geogebra_6 [ok]

helloworld-3 [ok] helloworld-6 [ok]

measure-49.xo [ok]

scratch-23.xo [does not start]

soma-25 [ok]

sugar-commander-8.xo [cannot be installed] [sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalFormedBundleException]

tamtamedit-67.xo [does not start]

tamtamjam-67.xo [does not start]

tamtammini-67.xo [does not start]

tamtamsynthlab-67.xo [does not start]

  • HTML5 Activities* (developed by Lionel Laské)

abecedarium-4.xo [ok]

foodchain-3.xo [does not start]

grid_paint-1.xo [ok]

last_one_loses_activity-1.xo [starts but stops]

markdown-3.xo [ok]

  • Encyclopedic activities* (not in SoaS 10

simple_english_wikipedia-37.1.xo [ok]

wikipediafr-36.xo [ok]

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