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#REDIRECT [[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]]
<span class="linkgroup">[[File:trisquel_logo.png|link=http://trisquel.info/en]]</span>
:::;Screenshot of Trisquel 5.5
:Also has optional [[Sweets_Distribution/Testing#Trisquel_5.5|sweets-distribution:Factory ]] installed.
::Note Sugar XO Avitar in right top corner of desktop.
* See also: [[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]] '''Sugar Only Version''' - Not yet available in 5.5 - Coming soon.
[http://trisquel.info/en Trisquel] GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system [http://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html endorsed] by the FSF. It has a stand alone Live/Installable image for CD and USB drives.  It is based on Ubuntu, but is not Ubuntu.
*Versions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trisquel#Versions
===Trisquel Packages===
===Trisquel 6.0===
*TESTING ONLY--[[User:Satellit|Satellit]] 04:27, 11 October 2012 (EDT)
===Trisquel 5.5===
[http://trisquel.info/en/trisquel-55-sts-brigantia-release-announcement Release announcement] - 16 April 2012
:-- Rubén Rodríguez, Trisquel project leader
::Updated ----[[User:Satellit|Satellit]] 17:38, 16 April 2012 (EDT)
*Download: http://trisquel.info/download
*Note: Install to Hard Disk is located in "System Settings" Or use command "ubiquity" from terminal.
===Trisquel 5.0===
* http://devel.trisquel.info/dagda/iso/  '''NEW 07/27/2011''' now has IceCat replacing Firefox
* http://mirror.fsf.org/trisquel-images/
::Trisquel 5.0
* Linux-Libre 2.6.38
* GNOME 2.32
        o LXDE 0.5 in Trisquel Mini
        o KDE 4.6 in Triskel
  * IceCat 5.0
  * LibreOffice 3.3.0
:Development Notes:https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/dagda-development
*'''CD Boots on Macintosh Pro i7'''
: Hold option button on boot; select CD
::Sound Works
::Bluetooth sees Magic Mouse but cannot see code
::Wired networking works
::Firefox works
=====Add Sugar 0.88.1 to Trisquel 5.0=====
::'''Preferred version Experimental Solution'''
=====Add Sugar 0.90 to Trisquel 5.0=====
: [[Talk:Trisquel#Install_Sugar_0.90.x_on_Trisquel_5.0]]
::This is an Experimental Solution
:Sweets Distribution can be used to Add an additional Repository to synaptic
:Installing [[Trisquel_On_A_Sugar_Toast|'''Toast''']]  (a Dextrose 3 variety of sugar 0.92.1) alongside the GNOME desktop of Trisquel 5.0
===Notes on Wireless===
:from trisquel-users@listas.trisquel.info  (sirgrant 01/15/2012)
The package wireless-tools is free software and is in the Trisquel repository.  "firmware-ralink" is non-free software.
If you read the copyright file it says you can only distribute it in binary form without modification meaning it isn't libre software.  We can't recommend you install that package.
*https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/introduction-trisquel-gnu-linux Introduction to Trisquel GNU/Linux (has info about Free Software)
*http://www.h-node.com/ H-node a database of hardware that works/doesn't work with all Free Software
*https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/setup-wireless-card  Trisquel's setting up a wireless card documentation
====Boots on MacBook Air====
:Will save settings if Persistent USB disk plugged in when booted from CD
::Insert USB disk in Mac
::: Persistent USB disk can be made with Ubuntu-gnome "USB Startup Disk Creator:(usb-creator) or see section below to create one from a booted CD
::Boot from CD (hold down "C" key until isolinux screen appears-10sec or more) select '''Safe Graphics Mode'''
:: To free up a USB port go to frame and disconnect the CD. Unplug the DVD/CD, then the network dongle can be inserted in the freed up USB port.
::: (The MacBook Air only has 2 USB ports)
* '''If you log out or change items in Control Panel that require a restart: user=trisquel Password= (    ) no entry'''
====1-) usb-creator-gtk to make Persistent USB disk====
:::Live USB disk with persistence
:(Makes USB device with MacBook Pro i7 running VirtualBox 4.0.4 and Trisquel_4.1_amd64 Virtual Machine.)
:: Does not boot with or without rEFIt BootCD on Mac.
:: Works on Acer ASPIRE ONE as boot USB
:Running Trisquel Virtual Machine
::USB 2.0 Controller activated in Settings/Ports/USB/USB Device Filters
::2 GB Target USB disk formatted as fat 16
::'''trisquel-sugar_4.1_i686.iso'''  Downloaded to Virtual Machine
:: '''/dev/sr0''' (Trisquel 4.1-Sugar-CD)
::: Note:Using CD is much slower than using the '''trisquel-sugar_4.1_i686.iso''' Downloaded to Virtual Machine.
*IN Terminal: "usb-creator-gtk"
::Select other and chose CD or .iso
::Insert Target USB disk and select it
::move persistence slider to desired persistence
:::"Make Startup Disk"
====2-Install to USB disk from Booted CD====
=====[http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/how-create-liveusb how-to-create-a-liveusb]=====
=====Full install to USB disk as Hard Disk=====
::Trisquel-4.1-sugar.iso burned to CD
::8 GB USB disk formatted as fat 16
::Install from CD boot screen
::select 8 GB USB disk as HD
:boot USB disk
======Use usb-creator-gtk on 8 GB USB disk to write a 2nd live USB disk======
# Download firefox-6.xo from ASLO
# or drag drop from USB disk
# start firefox
# set firefox Preferences for Download to "ASK"
# go to http://devel.trisquel.info/sugar/
# Download trisquel-sugar_4.1_i686.iso
# save to /home/sugar/
# exit firefox
# Terminal: "usb-creator-gtk"
# other: select trisquel-sugar_4.1_i686.iso
# insert target USB disk (2 GB or larger)
# select target USB disk and set persistence
# Create USB disk
===Trisquel On A Sugar Toast===
[[Trisquel On A Sugar Toast]]
:A live CD with Sugar-desktop only
==Live image trisquel-sugar_3.0==
You can download the (430 MB) iso image from here:
To create a live USB disk with user data persistence, you can burn the image in a CD and use it to start a live session. Then plug the USB unit, open the terminal, and run "usb-creator".(usb-creator-gtk) A launcher application is [http://activities.sugarlabs.org/es-ES/sugar/addon/4216 coming].
The usb-creator helper is also included in the Trisquel 3 (and later) desktop applications. If you use a different GNU/Linux distribution or Windows, you can use [http://aligunduz.org/FUSBi/ FUSBi] instead.
You can now log out of your session and login into Sugar. If your computer is a LTSP server, it would be serving Sugar already.
===Configure a Trisquel edu LTSP server===
You can follow the instructions in the [http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/configure-ltsp-server Trisquel wiki].
==Installing Sugar on Trisquel 3.0==
You can install Sugar with the above method, but using this repository line instead:
echo "deb http://us.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel sugar-dwyn main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update
====Trisquel 4.5 RC VirtualBox 4.0.4 appliance====
: 03/18/2011
: XChat; surf115-xo; updated; cleared of identity; autostart
::password sugaruser
====Install Sugar-Desktop 0.88.1 with Synaptic====
search sugar
install sugar-emulator
search  sugar
check all sugar applications (but not Trisquel-Sugar or Ubuntu Sugar remix)
*[[Emulator/Full Screen|how to configure full screen]],
* Open sugar
right click on central X0
My Settings
software update (13)
Insert 2nd USB disk with surf-115.xo
    you can download it from: http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/Surf-115.xo to a USB Stick
Click on journal
click on usb icon in bottom left corner
click on surf-115 and drag it to journal icon in bottom left corner
*Congratulations You have sugar-desktop installed
====Create Live USB disk from trisquel_4.0.1_i686.iso====
:Open System/Administration/USB Startup Disk Creator
::Password (root)
::<OTHER> File System/home/(user)/Desktop/trisquel_4.0.1_i686.iso
::Insert 4 GB USB disk
::Stored in extra reserved space (move slider for persistence)
::Make Start Up Disk
:Safely remove USB disk
:Boot Computer with Live CD
::1-) Try Trisquel without any changes to your computer
:::Sugar-desktop 0.90.1 can be added; and run; from persistent USB
::2-)  Install Trisquel
==/etc/apt sources.list==
===i386 /etc/apt sources.list===
* link: http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/packages-repository  32 and 64 bit listings
===x86_64 /etc/apt sources.list===
# Trisquel repositories for supported software and updates
deb http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis main
deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis main
deb http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-security main
deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-security main
deb http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-updates main
deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-updates main
#deb http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-backports main
#deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/mirror/Trisquel/ taranis-backports main
== Bugs ==
Post bugs to official Trisquel [http://trisquel.info/en/project/issues bug tracker].
* '''Screensaver will not turn off in Trisquel 4.5  install'''
: Fix:
:In terminal
sudo su
xset -dpms
xset s off
==References & Links==
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trisquel
* http://trisquel.info/en/planet
::http://devel.trisquel.info/sugar/ trisquel 3.0 sugar only
::http://trisquel.info/en/download trisquel 4.0 Gnome
:Development Betas
::http://devel.trisquel.info/sugar/trisquel-sugar_4.1_i686.iso  sugar 0.88.1
::http://devel2.trisquel.info/slaine/iso/trisquel_4.5_i686.iso  21-Feb-2011
::http://devel2.trisquel.info/slaine/iso/trisquel_4.5_amd64.iso  21-Feb-2011
:Install Videos  (Video of install from Windows)
:Preinstalled Laptops:
== Contacts ==
* [[User:Alsroot|Aleksey Lim]]
* [[User:Quidam|Rubén Rodríguez]]
* [[User:Satellit|Tom Gilliard]] testing
* be involved and add yourself here

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