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Abel Rendon Jr

Rochester Institute of Technology

Third Year Computer Science Major

Project Ideas

The main goal is to establish the foundations of a Math based Pac-Man game.

The player will take on the role of Pac-man in a maze like environment. Pac-man

will go around the environment and consume two kinds of pellets. Small pellets

will increment the score while larger pellets reveals a math question on the

screen. There will also be a number of ghosts in the environment that will attempt

to catch Pac-man. Each ghost will have an answer to one of the questions revealed

by the large pellets and Pac-man will not be able to consume the corresponding ghost

until the pellet is consumed. A win is established if all ghosts are consumed. A loss

is established if a ghost catches Pac-man or if time runs out. To make the game a

viable learning tool for students, teachers will be able to alter the set of questions

and answers through a simple interface.