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There is a command called multitail that I use every day because it's really helpful on developing Sugar Activities. I use it to read the latest log that an Activity wrote and see how it's growing, similar what I do with the common tail -f option with the difference that multitail will look for the latest one.

For example, if we run an Activity three times it will create 3 different .log files behind ~/.sugar/default/logs directory. With multitail we will be seeing the most recent version of the activity log.

Here are the steps that I did to use this command (on Fedora 17):

  • Install the command
sudo yum install multitail
  • Show the proper log files
cd ~/.sugar/default/logs
multitail -iw "*GetBooks*" 1 -m 0
  • -iw is to inform to multitail about the input files and check for them every 1 second
  • -m is to let multitail know about the buffersize (0 is infinite)