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{{Under construction| --[[User:Inkyfingers|Inkyfingers]] 07:13, 12 December 2011 (EST) Hope to finish early 2012.}}
== What is this page? ==
A few mini tutorials have started to appear on the wiki recently. This is very much to be encouraged ( ... assuming bandwidth is available? --[[User:Inkyfingers|Inkyfingers]] 06:45, 12 December 2011 (EST))
This page aims to flag up the location of these tutorials.
This page follows the following creation model. A user can generate a page under his or her own name, work the page up to a point worth submitting for peer review, then allow the wiki coordinators to upload the page to the wiki proper in due course.
== Newly written and work in progress tutorials ==
[[Sugar Creation Kit/sck/Introduction to Sugar Interface |Introduction to Sugar Interface]]
[[Sugar Creation Kit/sck/Connecting to the Internet | Connecting to the Internet]]
[[Sugar Creation Kit/sck/Drag-Drop | Drag-Drop]]
[[User:Inkyfingers/Tutorial_Configuration | mini configuration tutorial]]
[[User:Inkyfingers/tips | some work in progress for completion]]
[[Crib_Sheet_day1 | A navigation micro tutorial]]
[[Sugar_Creation_Kit/sck/How_to_use_Chat | How_to_use_Chat]]
[[Sugar_Creation_Kit/sck/How_to_use_IRC | How_to_use_IRC]]
== What can you do? ==
If you can write a small tutorial on a subject you have found out about - please start writing it and add a link here.
Or to develop an existing idea, it is fine to copy a tutorial from its original author's page to your own page, and improve it there.
Again link it here as soon as you feel it is ready.
== Our existing tutorials ==
Quick list, please add if incomplete.
=== Written ===
Ideas for [[How to present Sugar]]
[[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials | Turtle Art tutorials by Tony Forster and Mokurai.]]
Tech Coordinator Guide and other [http://olpcnyc.wordpress.com/training-materials/ training materials] prepared by Teaching Matters(R) for OLPC in NYC
=== Video ===
The page [[Video_Using_Sugar | Video Using Sugar]] shows a selection of clips of Sugar in action.
[[User:Inkyfingers/video | A list of our video tutorials]]
=== Looking for learning materials? ===
Link to [[Documentation Team]] home page.

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