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I'm a first year photojournalism major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've had only a little bit of programming experience (VB class), but I want to learn more. I've also messed around with creating websites. In working with the Math4Team, I'm hoping to learn Python and how to use it with making games. In addition, I will be documenting class activities photographically.


Visual basic


Jonathan Sanger
email: sangerjon+olpc AT gmail DOT com



4th Grade Math Topics

4.P.5 Solve problems involving proportional relationships, including unit pricing (e.g., four apples cost 80¢, so one apple costs 20¢) and map interpretation (e.g., one inch represents five miles, so two inches represent ten miles).
4.P.6 Determine how change in one variable relates to a change in a second variable, e.g., input-output tables.
4.M.1 Demonstrate an understanding of such attributes as length, area, weight, and volume, and select the appropriate type of unit for measuring each attribute.