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Hello, I'm Manuel Quiñones from Argentina. I like to program in Python and also the visual arts. I'm under contract with olpc.

My homepage at Argentina local lab:

Pathagar book server

I'm adding features to the Pathagar book server. Here is my branch:

This will be used for the Get Books activity.

Pathagar running in my development PC

Plans for improving Paint

Add brushes - stamp presets

We aim the children to make their own brushes via the stamp tool, so we don't limit creation to a set of presets. But a few general stamps can be a good thing to start painting like charcoal, etc. They need to be selected with care.

Ability to store and share stamps

Currently the child can make her own stamp, but it is lost once another one is made.

The child would like to store a stamp for later usage. Furthermore, she would also like to share her creation with others, aiming collaboration.

Make stamps rotate with the mouse direction

This would be an option for stamps. The child can activate "follow mouse direction", then the stamp is printed in the canvas with a rotation applied, following the path of the mouse. Maybe make a cache of eight rotations of the pixel buffer. The child can use this to paint a railroad tracks, for example.

Improve coloring

Coloring is very important in this activity. We need to discuss color selection, and add the ability to go to a color previously used (color history).

Resize selection via drag & drop

Currently the resize is made changing numbers in input labels. Resize via drag & drop is a more conventional and intuitive way to do it.

Stamp tool for Paint activity

To get my hands on Sugar, I took the task of adding a stamp tool to the Paint activity. Gonzalo Odiard was kind enough to guide me in the process.

The stamp tool being used

First, the user does a selection with the selection tool. Then the user can choose the stamp tool from the toolbar.

The philoshophy under this tool is that the children can create their own stamps, instead of taking them from presets.