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===Who am I===
Michael O'Dell<br/>
4th Year Computer Science <br/>
From Ithaca, NY
e-mail: michael.s.odell@gmail.com
irc: modell
===Languages Developed In===
Vb &.NET<br/>
Objective C<br/>
C++ <br/>
===Languages Currently Learning===
[http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Teacher%27s_Tools Teacher's Tools]
===Previous Experience===
Developing a vareity of JAVA applications using GUI's, networking etc...<br/>
Developing iPhone Applications<br/>
Vareity of personal projects<br/>
Interned for Autodesk/Moldflow developing scripts for Moldflow Plastic Insights software.<br/>
Interned for Sensis in Syracuse, NY developing scripts and small projects, as well as maintaining CAD software and drawing repositories and improving the internal drawing release processes.

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