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Proposal for Oversight Board Election 2010

** English version - Versión en español al pie **

Organizational Vision

"Free Software development is like herding cats" I support decentralized, collaborative and transparent processes. In particular I propose to encourage open bidding, hiring and bounty of services related to development, support and learning methodology of Sugar.

Base Values

¹ Sugar is Free Software because in this way it facilitates and makes explicit the freedom to learn to learn.

² Sugar Labs should continue to be hardware agnostic and clearly differentiate itself of any computer manufacturer.

³ Sugar will never be finished, it is a community and a continuous process rather than a product.

⁴ Sugar Ecosystem needs sustainability models to evolve.

Functional Proposal

01 Design

Sugar is not a finished product. We must strive to align development of Sugar with a common vision. At the moment, these objectives are expressed in the unfinished document "Human Interface Guidelines" which was proposed in 2006 with certain hardware restrictions and no used feedback. It is time for the community to revisit this document and update it.

02 Development / Deployment

• It's necessary to make experimentation with Sugar components and activities easier.

• It's important to document how to deploy these experiments in the field.

• Finally we must close the loop by implementing direct feedback mechanisms with final users.

03 Support and Quality Assurance

Local Labs should work together in establishing a "Services Portfolio" and a "Code of Conduct". The first is meant to provide guidelines of services Local Labs can provide, the second to set a standard of quality and transparency. Support is the backbone of these services and I propose to work on an open, universal support mechanism.


Beginnings in 2008.

Work in 2009:

Work in 2010:

Spanish Proposal and Video Interview