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How to try out the latest version support prototype


If you've used Sugar before, it is highly recommended to create a backup of your data store as it will be updated on first startup and cannot be read by older versions of Sugar afterwards:

cp -a ~/.sugar/default/datastore ~/.sugar/default/datastore.v2


You need to have sugar-jhbuild installed as usual. Make sure it's fully up-to-date and all dependencies are installed (./sugar-jhbuild depscheck).


Switch to the sugar-versionsupport JHBuild module set by replacing

moduleset = 'sugar'


moduleset = 'sugar-versionsupport'

in sugar-jhbuild/sugar.jhbuildrc.

Move away the old sources for the sugar, sugar-datastore and sugar-toolkit packages (JHBuild cannot switch between different git modules):

cd sugar-jhbuild
for pkg in sugar{,-datastore,-toolkit} ; do
    mv "${pkg}" "${pkg}-upstream"

Get and build the new sources:

cd sugar-jhbuild
./sugar-jhbuild updateone sugar{,-datastore,-toolkit}
./sugar-jhbuild buildone sugar{,-datastore,-toolkit}


Run as usual:

cd sugar-jhbuild
./sugar-jhbuild run sugar-emulator --fullscreen

Please note that it's based on my VNC support branch, so instead of Xephyr (with broken keyboard) you'll get a VNC viewer. You shouldn't notice much of a difference, with the exception of non-US keyboards working properly. To bring up the VNC menu press F8.