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As of Sugar 0.100, there is a mechanism for using web services from Sugar.

There is new section to the Sugar Control Panel to manage online accounts and some interventions to the Sugar Journal toolbars and palettes in order to expose any installed online services, adding Copy-to and Refresh capabilities to the journal.

We have implemented three examples:

  1. support specific to Facebook: to share Journal entries on Facebook and to retrieve comments on those entries from Facebook (walter and rgs);
  2. support specific to Twitter: to share Journal entries as tweets and to retrieve comments on those entries from Twitter (tch);
  3. support for uploading Journal entries to a local server (tch).

We are working with community members on other extensions based on the framework and encourage other community members to work with us on additional services.

For now, web services implementations are welcome to handle their retrieval of tokens on their own. In the future we might want to delegate that to Gnome Online Accounts or a similar auth/token provider.

Installing web services

We don't yet have a simple installer for web services, so for the time being:

Using git

  1. cd ~/.sugar/default
  2. git clone <MY WEBSERVICE>.git

Using gunzip and tar

  1. cd ~/.sugar/default
  2. wget <MY WEBSERVICE>
  3. gunzip <MY WEBSERVICE>.tar.gz
  4. tar xvf <MY WEBSERVICE>.tar

Web services


You should end up with the following directory structure:

├── __init__.py
└── facebook
    ├── __init__.py
    ├── account.py
    ├── facebook
    │   ├── __init__.py
    │   └── facebook.py
    └── icons
        ├── facebook-like-insensitive.svg
        ├── facebook-like.svg
        ├── facebook-refresh-insensitive.svg
        ├── facebook-refresh.svg
        ├── facebook-share-insensitive.svg
        └── facebook-share.svg

├── __init__.py
└── webaccount
    ├── __init__.py
    └── services
        ├── __init__.py
        └── facebook
            ├── __init__.py
            └── service.py