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Sucrose Development

Sucrose 0.81.x is an unstable development series intended for testing and development purposes. Sucrose uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status, so this unstable 0.81.x series will eventually become the 0.82 stable release.


Timeline showing the 0.81.x to 0.82 schedule


Date Task Notes
May 8 2008 Development start New features proposal
May 21 Sucrose 0.81.1 Tarballs Due
May 22 Sucrose 0.81.1 Development Release Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.1 Release News
June 5 Sucrose 0.81.2 Tarballs Due
June 6 Sucrose 0.81.2 Development Release Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.2 Release News
June 20 Sucrose 0.81.3 Tarballs Due
June 21 Sucrose 0.82 Beta 1 (0.81.3) Feature, ABI, String freeze

Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.3 Release News

July 7 Sucrose 0.81.4 Tarballs Due
July 8 Sucrose 0.82 Beta 2 (0.81.4) Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.4 Release News
July 21 Sucrose 0.81.5 Tarballs Due
July 22 Sucrose 0.82 Release Candidate 1 (0.81.5) Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.5 Release News
July 31 Sucrose 0.81.6 Tarballs Due
August 1 Sucrose 0.82 Release Candidate 2 (0.81.6) Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.6 Release News
August 6 Sucrose 0.82.0 Tarballs Due
August 8 Sucrose 0.82.0 Final Release! Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.82.0 Release News
August 28 Sucrose 0.82.1 Tarballs Due
August 29 Sucrose 0.82.1 Stable Release Team/Release/Releases/Sucrose/0.82.1 Release News

Glucose Development Team/Release/Modules

Fructose Development Team/Release/Modules

Glucose Dependencies

Fructose Dependencies

  • pyabiword
  • hulahop
  • squeak
Ahh, squeak is the only package that uses svn, and it's not installed. I added http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Development_Team/Jhbuild#Prequisites


New features


  • Control panel (erikos)
  • Session management (marco)
  • New activity startup notification (marco)
  • Object chooser improvements (tomeu)
  • Web activity: autocompletion of bookmarks and history (marco)
  • Web activity: Find in context (erikos)
  • Web activity: custom certificates "support" (marco)
  • Chat with non-sugar Jabber clients (morgs)
  • Free form layout of the homepage and ability to move icons around (tomeu)
  • Window navigation using tab (benzea)


  • Presence scalability when using Jabber by using gadget (gdesmott, daf)