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The Browse activity is based on XULRunner the Mozilla runtime package. It does provide the user with nearly the same functionality that Firefox offers but tries to be clear and simple UI wise given the target audience. It also offers collaboration as one of it's main features.

More Info: Activities/Browse

What is new for users

Tomeu Vizoso added new options to the palette. When you click on a link you have the option to download it.

Download link.png

The palette offers also an option to download an image, for reuse with your favorite image processing activity. Just click on the image you want to download and access it from the Journal.

Download image.png

Martin Langhoff has been adding functionality to authenticate with the Schoolserver. When registered with the server an HTTP Cookie is created to ease the use of services on the Schoolserver in future sessions.

Thanks to Daniel Drake Browse propagates the current locale now. This helps to use web services and pages in your mother language. Try it out with the addons page for example.


What is new for developers

No News

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)


This version is dependant on Hulahop > 0.4.7.

Detailed changes


  • Add a "Download image" option to the image palette (tomeu)
  • Add a "Download link" option to the link palette (tomeu)
  • Get downloads and upload alerts for multiple windows to work (marco)
  • Handle download names with non-ascii characters (tomeu) #8857


  • Return the document source to the shell for displaying in the view source dialog. This is used by the new source view code to display the document source.


  • Updates in the Slovenian language


  • Use cjson instead of json (nirbheek)
  • New translations


  • Create a HTTP Cookie to authenticate with the Schoolserver (Martin Langhoff)
  • Deprecation fix: Use bundle_id instead od service_name
  • Set intl.accept_languages based on the locale (Daniel Drake)
  • New translations


  • New translations


Marco Pesenti Gritti, Daniel Drake, Martin Langhoff, Tomeu Vizoso, Nirbheek Chauhan and Simon Schampijer