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This page displays how the student can interact with Blocku and what features are available to the student.



The student will be able to choose from past made puzzles as practice or from pre-existing puzzles for fun as a way to play Blocku. When the teacher is in control they will be able to join the class with the task at hand.

Available Features

  • Is given the answer then the puzzle
  • Can use classroom mode

Features Available Soon

  • Can choose to use pre-made puzzles
  • Can choose difficulty
  • Can choose grid size
  • Can choose the set of numbers
  • Can choose operators used


Students can play Blocku at home or in the classroom. The game can be played with a partner on one XO, or in teams on separate XO's.

Student Feedback

From a 4th grade class in Allendale Columbia School:

It is easy to understand with clear instructions. It’s a hard game but was fun. The game should have settings to change the level of difficulty before game begins instead of standard forced game. Some kids requested easier levels. Hard but not too hard. Side calculator to help those in need "The game was fun, it was good because it had to do with math and adding things to get to a number. It was hard but not too hard. I need to reuse my instructions"

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