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Pathagar is a simple book server made in Django. It serves OPDS feeds for using in the Get Books activity. One can add books via the HTML interface, as well as via the command line (using CSV or JSON files.

The current development is in this repository:


  • Load more languages when the creating the database. Currently it only adds English and Spanish. There has to be a list of languages for Django, maybe a model, a portable app, or there may be inside Django itself.
    • There is a list in books/ but is a very long list, we should make a bigger list in the books/fixtures/initial_data.json
  • Add feed navigation. The OPDS spec considers two kind of feeds: 1. navigation feeds and 2. acquisition feeds. Currently Pathagar has acquisition feeds (the ones that have the books). This will enable the posibility to add navigation in the Get Books activity.