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How to send an email to report a bug

  1. Enter sugar-devel@lists.sugarlabs.org in the To: line.
  2. Write a short but through explanation of the error in the Subject line.
  3. In the body of the email describe the error completely.
  • Include the versions of all your software and hardware (if you know it).
  • Report the steps you took.
  • Explain what you thought was going to happen and what actually happened.
  • Also add anything else that relates to the problem and make sure it is appropriate.
  1. Attach any log files or screenshots of the error.
  2. Look the email over once and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and then send the email.

Attaching log files to email through Sugar.

1. In Sugar find your Log.
Find Log

2. Find the error in your Log.
Find error

3. Click on the Log symbol on the top left-hand corner.
Click Log symbol

4. There you will find a keep button. Click on it to create a text clipping.
Create text clipping

5. The text clipping will be in your Journal.
Text clipping in Journal

6. Go to Browse.

7. Sign into your email.
Sign in

8. Compose a new email.
New email

9. Enter all the text needed in your email.

10. Click on browse.
Browse for file

11. Attach the text clipping to your email.
Attach clipping

12. Your attachment is ready.
End result