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What does a coordinator do?

Being a coordinator means that you represent the team to the outside, you would be the contact person for other teams, contributors and people from outside the community.


  • Hold meetings at least once per month. (coordinator must define agenda items and times, for then announce them on mail lists.)
  • Announce in the lists when the team is not being able to fulfill any duty because of lack of resources
  • Welcome new team contributors
  • Steady effort


Where are we looking for new coordinators?

  • Community Manager
    • Help Sugar to gain traction, creating structure where appropriate, identifying the folks who are making the best and most consistent contributions and empowering them to get more of their visions, ideas and aspirations delivered as part of Sugar - release by release.
  • Design Team
  • Testing Team
  • Bug Squad
  • Deployment Team

How can we make that more visible?

More visible to the Sugar community and to the outside of the project.

  • Noted at the top of each team page
  • With picture in the sugar labs page