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Initial Sugar Server release that is not intended to be used as-is in deployments. It is about having stable code base and infra to fulfil deployment needs in further 1.x releases.

Initial coding of core components

  • sugar-server
  • sugar-server-base
  • mace

Need to be polished though (see the rest of TODO).


  • sugar-server unit tests, initial work done the rest is in permanent process
  • mace unit tests, initial work done the rest is in permanent process
  • sugaroid, library and application that represent regular sugar client behaviour
  • sugar-server integration tests using sugaroid library, initial work done the rest is in permanent process
  • system tests of sugar-server + sugar-server-base infra with reproducing usual and stress behaviour of sugar client using sugaroids instances (up to 1K) sounds like more deployment related task, thus moved to 1.x releases

Patch OBS

  • produce binary packages with sugar-server, mace and sugar-server-base for Fedora-14
  • while most of packages come from initial distro release, monitor for updates for some of package, e.g., xulrunner when hulahop needs to be rebuilt on any new xulrunner update all packages on obs are based on initial distro releases, hulahop/sugar were patched to not fail on every minor update
  • announce, not only for Sugar Server usage but also for sweets/sdk will be announced with sweets


  • improve mod_sugar_roaster plugin to share the same memory structure of sugar roaster among all buddies
  • using sugaroid bots, stress test prosody to compare with ejabberd not ready, moved to 1.x

Sugar code is here,


Initial documentation efforts on the wiki.

Tech demo

Test case:

  • on unlocked XO, plug usb stick with demo server image, flash and booth
  • on locked XO, inject lease demo keys from a usb stick and boot
  • locked XO should be fine with:
    • activate on boot on unlocked XO
    • register user
    • do journal backup
    • restore journal
    • connect to jabber

Demo server XO image will be composed by adding downstream-server-demo package (and all its deps) during the regular XO image building process.