Deployment Platform/1.1/Todo

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New distro support

  • Support Ubuntu [Server] in Mace.


New SSK component.

  • package blacklists for content filtering in SSK repo
  • setup infra on for regular updates for this package
  • add blacklist provider to the Mace.


New SSK component.

  • handle datastore backup/restore
  • handle package upgrades from school server for deployment specific updates (from separate repositories)


  • in-code documentation for sugar-server and sugar-server-templates, not completed, will be continued while working on 1.2


  • more system tests of SSK infra using sugaroid to cover various deployment workflows, not fully completed, moved to 1.2 TODO and looking for SSK usage in the field;
  • using sugaroid bots, stress test prosody to compare with ejabberd, not completed, moved to 1.2 TODO;
  • the basis for regression tests to keep 1.x branch w/o regressions all SSK components have an initial set (the process is ongoing) of unit tests that will let keep the system out of regressions.

New templates

  • squidGuard
  • munin-node