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This is one of the possible deployment scenarios for Deployment Platform. This page is intended to describe procedures for end users connected to the Internet.

Targeting environment

The standard targeting environment assumes:

  • End users have reliable Internet connectivity at all times.
  • Server is located on the Internet and has singular access point.

Server side

For now, there are the following Sugar Network servers publicly available on the Internet:

    Development server that does not contain important data and is free for any experiments (administrative privileges for anonymous users);
    Recent stable release with regular data import from the production server; is still free for any experiments;

Client side


Point clients to one of the existing Sugar Network servers by populating the /etc/sweets.conf configuration file with the following options:


By default, clients look for the production server.

Run Sugar Network clients

Follow the Try it install instructions to setup Sugar Network client.

While working, Sugar Network client logs can be found ~/.sugar/default/logs/sugar-network-client file. The logging verbosity level depends on the global Sugar setting.

Getting involved

  • Subscribe to the sugar-devel mailing list and email with the subject prefixed with [PLATFORM].
  • Ask your question on IRC channels, #sugar (not logged) or #sugar-newbies (logged).