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Packets format

Packets are tarball files with .packet suffix.

On logic level, every packet consists of:

  • one header, a dictionary of key-value pairs;
  • records, a dictionary of key-value pairs and optional data depending on record type.


Header is being stored in JSON notation in /header file in packet tarball.

  • src, sender's GUID
  • dst, optional destination GUID
  • filename, suggested file name for packet file, it is assumed to be unique

Record types

Push changes of Sugar Network resource's properties.

  • cmd: sn_push;
  • content_type: records;
  • document, Sugar Network resource to push diff to;
  • guid, document GUID to push diff for;
  • diff, dictionary of <prop_name>: {"value": <value>, "mtime": <mtime>} with changed property values.

ACK packet:

  • type: ack
  • src: master's identity
  • dst: receiver's identity ack is intended for
  • push_sequence: original PUSH packet's sequence
  • pull_sequence: Sequence after merging original PUSH packet

Pull Sugar Network data.

  • cmd: sn_pull;
  • sequence: sequence to pull.

Pull files from shared directory.

  • cmd: files_pull;
  • directory, synchronized directory to pull;
  • sequence, sequence to pull.

Push a file from shared directory.

  • cmd: files_push;
  • directory, synchronized directory;
  • path, pushed file path relative to directory;

Push deleted file from shared directory.

  • cmd: files_delete;
  • directory, synchronized directory;
  • path, pushed file path relative to directory;

Commit recently pushed shared files.

  • cmd: files_commit;
  • directory, synchronized directory;
  • sequence, pushed sequence.

Push usage statistics.

  • cmd: stats_push;
  • user, user GUID;
  • db, RRD dn name;
  • sequence, pushed sequence.

ACK pushed usage statistics.

  • cmd: stats_ack;
  • sequence, pushed sequence as {user: {db: sequence}} dictionary.