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Write e-mails to lists on English, Spanish and others asking for input and opinions

We have to make sure that relevant aspects of Sugar being in discussion in other languages are translated to English and forward to IAEP mailist and Sugar, also in the other way i.e when relevant topics are held in English, other lists in different languages should now about it.

Meetings on IRC and on events

The bi-weekly meetings for this are an starting point, other kind of meetings have to follow, these one localized for each languages, people have to be aware of this kind of meetings to publish logs and slides for example.

Meeting opportunities are listed in here:

Documentation of deployment procedures/ feedback from children and teachers

In this part we have to see development and documentation of plans in class by teachers and learners.

Entries on blogs

This blogs can be made by students, teachers, etc..

Some Blogs to take a look at:

Structured surveys/forms to make it easier to give feedback

Carlos mauro from peru has suggested this poll: