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<walter> Hello.
<icarito> hi!
<walter> We start the deployment meeting in 20 minutes?
<BryanWB> walter, hey!
<icarito> i'm free, sure - we thought it was 40 min ago
<dirakx> walter: yes np
<walter> Oh my. Because of US daylight savings time ending, I am calculating UTC wrong.
<walter> My sincere apologies.
<icarito> walter: no problem, lets have the meeting in 20 min
<walter> I need to update the Google calendar as well, which is set to 10am EST
<walter> OK, Let us get started then.
<walter> To me there is a very exciting prospect in the idea of local Sugar Labs.
<walter> Everywhere I have traveled lately, there is interest in building a local group.
<walter> David and I have been putting together a set of broad goals in the wiki.
<icarito> oh, meeting now then?
<icarito> ok
<walter> @dirakx: you type too fast
<dirakx> walter: haha not at all.
<walter> I have a group in India that is willing help develop a business plan
<dirakx> walter: have all the legal issues being resolved ?
<walter> No. But I think they are minimum.
<dirakx> i mean for starters, i guess there is no problem in printing presentation cards ?
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<walter> No problem with that.
<dirakx> ok ;)
<walter> What I would like to do is build a collective understanding and framework for how this would work.
<dirakx> it's stupid but that kind of things seems to be important to people.
<dirakx> yep icarito and i are concerned about making a model for a local sugar labs also.
<dirakx> we have some ideas about communities of practice for example..
<walter> My hope is both autonomy and collaboration
<dirakx> distribution also ;)
<walter> I hope that there is an entrepreneurial spirit that emerges
<walter> This should be self-sustaining for each local lab
<icarito> yes, as dirakx said, we've been working on a model for a local community
<dirakx> walter: for example we are trying that in here..but it was too difficult because our status of volunteers.
<BryanWB> hmm, regarding autonomy. There are a lot of developers interested in OLPC here in Nepal but they are all web developers
<BryanWB> we need to make it easier for web developers to create activities
<BryanWB> they only have a few hours a week between their jobs, kids, and parents
<walter> Each region should have its own passion... perhaps in Nepal Bryan has identified a local goal or mission
<BryanWB> marcopg wrote about making it easier to create activities using web technologies a few weeks ago
<walter> But I hope that the local Sugar Lab can be their job.. at least for some
<dirakx> that's the idea..
<walter> Can we help them start a service business, for example?
<icarito> we have a model for providing services and some dev around sugar deployments as a non profit
<BryanWB> walter, I think we can, esp. if we make it easy to create activities
<icarito> and i'm talking with a province here to help them migrate 200 regular computer labs to sugar
<walter> That is why I think it is important to establish some strawman business plans for the local groups
<dirakx> but as SL can we charge for services?
<BryanWB> walter, we get requests all the time build activities for specific niches
<walter> I think that a local SL can be non-profit or for-profit--their choice--but in either case, there should not be an issue with charging for services.
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<icarito> walter: perhaps a couple of models could be proposed
<walter> Free speech, not free beer.
<walter> Yes.
<icarito> there certainly is a market for consulting, integration, training and even development
<walter> the models should meet the local needs and conditions.
<walter> But we need to seed the process.
<BryanWB> I think a model could be that a local SL could charge for consulting, integration, training, etc. but they release their work under an appropriate open-source license
<walter> +1
<dirakx> yes..i think in Colombia's case there is no problem to do a foundation that can charge for services.
<walter> We should all agree to what the basic rules are and I think Bryan identified a key one.
<icarito> each local sugarlabs should adapt and "appropiate" the model to the local reality
<walter> yes.
<walter> So the question is how can the collective SL help get this started
<dirakx> but how could be the relationship between for example SL Colombia or Peru and SL USA ?
<icarito> walter: yes BryanWB identified a core principle - we shuold make those prominent
<walter> We all share the same code, the same ethics, the same goal
<dirakx> mm ok.
<icarito> i very much liked greg's comment that in large decentralized organizations "values are the organization"
<walter> But the means to that goal will vary from place to place
<BryanWB> i think standardizing on a license for code and one for content would be a good start
<BryanWB> to make sure they are compatible b/w regional SL's
<walter> Yes. What else should we standardize on?
<dirakx> the kind of services that can be given ?
<BryanWB> that's hard, different places need different services
<dirakx> hmm ok.
<walter> Anything necessary to help a deployment: localization, networks, activity develpment
<walter> workshops
<BryanWB> we do some electrical work, for example. connecting schools to power grid
<walter> manuals/materials
<walter> training trainers...
<walter> and broadening the scope of the FOSS community as an economic force in the region
<dirakx> that sounds cool.
<walter> So let us make a list on the wiki and also a list of principles
<icarito> ...local organizations may have broader goals, for instance, in supporting/compatible areas like connectivity and providing open content...?
<icarito> that makes me wonder where a regional sl starts and where it ends...
<walter> and again, consider how the global community can help the leaves of the tree
<walter> Does it really matter where the boundaries are?
<dirakx> so i guess..we share same goals and licenses.
<dirakx> icarito: that goals are implicit by the main goal.
<BryanWB> it only matters when different countries have sufficiently distinct educational priorities
<BryanWB> for example, Austria is really interested in doing novel kinds of education w/ the XO's
<walter> Which is why we need a regional approach
<BryanWB> while poorer countries are struggling to meet basic literacy . . .
<walter> But we share a common platform and hopefully a great discovery in Austria re literacy can help NEpal.
<BryanWB> definitely
<walter> And vice versa
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<walter> But we need to make sure that the local groups are sustainable...
<walter> I want to create jobs.
<dirakx> :)..that's really thinking in a distributed way.
<walter> Which is why we need some help wth creating business models.
<Gregorio> my advice is to find one and do one well, then generalize from t here
<BryanWB> the key to creating jobs is to make it dead easy to create activities
<icarito> in fuentelibre's goals is exploring a replicable, escalable model
<Gregorio> too much overhead up front may make it slower to get started
<icarito> fuentelibre is finishing up its statutes
<walter> I think Eben is here to start a design meeting on this channel...
<icarito> and will be formally constituted sometime next week we hope
<eben> indeed. :)
<icarito> i'll share our mission and goals and model
<walter> @Gregorio: +1
<eben> We can postpone a little as necessary, of course.
<dirakx> so here is the quiestion can we legally begin to make local sugar labs ?
<BryanWB> a fuller activity template w/ stubs for lesson plan, game play, and review would help a lot
<walter> Maybe we can all add to the wiki and then meet again in a week?
<walter> I just made a one-page slide on Sugar Labs, globally.
<BryanWB> sure
<icarito> sure
<dirakx> oj
<dirakx> ok
<walter> maybe the goal for next week is a one page slide on Sugar Labs local?
<tomeu> after we get lots of local sugarlabs, we'll need to start thinking about mobile sugarlabs ;)
<walter> Shall we cede the channel to Eben?? and meet again next week (9am EST, 14 UTC)?
<dirakx> fine ;)
<walter> Again, my apologies for mixing up the times.
<BryanWB> np
<icarito> ok i'm clear - no problem
<walter> OK. Thanks everyone.
<dirakx> so next week same time.
<walter> Yes.
<dirakx> thx
<BryanWB> tks