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<walter> Good morning everyone
<dirakx1> good morning ;)
<walter> Or afternoon to those of you on the other side of the Atlantic.
<walter> I have a few topics for today: the Lima sprint; the small deployment guide; LiveUSB
<walter> Are there other things people want to add?
  • erikos can only listen sporadically, since he has another meeting next door
<dirakx1> nope i have only some comments but nothing further to add.
<walter> Shall we start with the Lima sprint?
<dirakx1> yes.
<walter> I spoke with Hernan last night. (I don't know if he can join us today)
<walter> He said he could arrange a meeting room with internet access at the university.
<walter> He may also be able to arrange some lodging
<walter> We need to get back to him regarding dates and numbers
<walter> (I still haven't looked into changing my flight--I better to that)
<dirakx1> ok..i have his gmail contact..
<dirakx1> which time do you have your flight?
<dirakx1> time/date
<walter> Presently, I am not scheduled to arrive in Lima until mid-week.
<dirakx1> so like 23th october?
<walter> 11PM on the 21st.
<dirakx1> ok..i'll make arrangements to book my flight to that also.
<walter> I'd like to switch it to arriving Sunday night, the 19th, so we can use M/T to work
<dirakx1> that date.
<dirakx1> M/T ?
<walter> There is a 3-day conference at the university beginning on Wednesday that I need to attend.
<walter> So I though we could get started on Monday.
<dirakx1> yes the game jam!
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<walter> The game jam and a FOSS meeting as well.
<dirakx1> i've spoked to samuel. and olpc has offer to refund my tickets.
<walter> Great.
<walter> Will you be traveling from Colombia?
<walter> Maybe they could sponsor Yama too?
<dirakx1> yes.
<walter> I think he could come if someone could take care of his travel.
<dirakx1> olpc is going to sponsor also sebastian silva from chile.
<walter> Great. All for the game jam too?
<dirakx1> yeah!
<dirakx1> i don't know yama.
<dirakx1> i'll have to ask
<walter> So it sounds like 5-6 people for the book jam?
<walter> Yama is in Bolivia.
<dirakx1> ok.
<dirakx1> yes like 5-6 people.
<walter> I'll let Hernan know and I'll try to move my ticket to fly on Sunday.
<walter> I'll ask Hernan to recommend lodging.
<dirakx1> ok i can do that also.
<dirakx1> fine..copy me on that if you can.
<dirakx1> so we have to divide time between the jam/conf and the book sprint..
<walter> Maybe you and I can spend a few minutes with the flossmanual translation tools before hand
<dirakx1> yeah that would be ok.
<walter> Adam Hyde may be able to walk us through the process.
<dirakx1> perfect
<walter> I'll ping Adam and ask when a good time to do it would be.
<dirakx1> nice.
<dirakx1> do you know if other besides olpc can sponsor yama to come to Peru?
<walter> Also, we should see if we can recruit a few locals to participate.
<walter> I'm working on raising money for such things, but I don't have any yet.
<cjb> Morning all.
<dirakx1> i have received some mails from local devs, so i guess they'll join us also.
<dirakx1> cjb: morning
<dirakx1> walter: ok
<walter> I'll also ping Carla to see if she may be able to join us. (She couldn't attend today's meeting as she is in the air)
<dirakx1> i can contact claudia meet us next time, she is in the learning team also.
<walter> Claudia is running a workshop in Venezuela this month, I think. But for Schlumberger, not OLPC.
<walter> But it would be great if she could join us too.
<dirakx1> ok.
<walter> So maybe I should ask Hernan for a room big enough for 10 people.
<dirakx1> that seems fine to me. i guess the uni will have one to suit our needs.
<dirakx1> any more issues related to the peru conf?
<walter> Not that I can think of. I've written to Adam to see if there are any issues re the tools.
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<walter> We could try to do some prep work if people have time--generating some screen shots, etc.
<dirakx1> yeah that's fine.
<walter> My second topic is more of a question: how do we light a fire under the small deployment guide?
<dirakx1> walter: i've pinged the educators and some pedagogical institutions about that..
<walter> It was very clear from the Open Minds conference I attended that lots of people are interested in Sugar (and OLPC), but they don't know how to get stated.
<dirakx1> but not much of retroalimentation yet.
<walter> A simple step-by-step guide would be of great utility.
<walter> I am going to try to walk a Boston public school through the process of converting a computer lab using USB keys.
<walter> I'll try to document the process in detail.
<dirakx1> but why can't they get started?..or what were their issues regarding to that?.
<walter> I really believe making that as easy and painless as possible is key to their willingness to try the more ambitious deployments of laptops.
<dirakx1> regarding live usb's that would be of great help..
<walter> The laptop deployment is easier, because everything is prepackaged and in a known state.
<walter> the random computer lab with a random configuration of hardware, software, and network is probably impossible
<walter> but we'll give it a try--because the teachers are willing to take such a risk.
<dirakx1> in a workshop we had in colombia the situation was solved working with live cds..
<walter> but the Live USB situation is anything but stable yet.
<dirakx1> yeah, i guess we need to put more work into that.
<walter> LiveCD is great for a demo or a workshop, but not a real trial, unless there is some trick to saving user data
<walter> DId you use the Ubuntu LiveCD? With the old Sugar bits?
<dirakx1> yeah that's the problem ..
<dirakx1> yes..
<dirakx1> IIRC
<walter> The Boston trial is interesting because they want the kids to run Sugar at home too.
<walter> The same USB key would move the data back and forth and they are very excited about having a jabber connection for the kids at home.
<dirakx1> wow..that's cool we can extract info of great value there.
<walter> But we are still not quite there in terms of packaging. I think we'll need to do a lot of fine-tuning, which we can document and hopefully learn from.
<dirakx1> ok...i'm going to take a note of that ;).
<dirakx1> i've done a little work on debian packaging but there is a lot of work to do in that field.
<dirakx1> but back into the small deployment discussion..
<walter> One important thing to capture are all the roadblocks people are experiencing so that we can begin to address them.
<dirakx1> i'm expecting some retroalimentation about the work that has been happening in the field in Colombia by a pedagogical foundation.
<walter> I've heard many, but haven't done a good job of writing them down.
<dirakx1> i'm expecting that educators can help on that...but i think that they are not to much adjusted to wikis and irc maybe?
<walter> Some of it is pedagogical, but most is bureaucratic.
<walter> Yes. We need the educators' input.
<dirakx1> bureaucratic in what sense?.
<walter> Not wanting to change anything on the computers they already have...
<dirakx1> ah..ok.
<dirakx1> that's bad.
<walter> It is what makes LiveUSB so attractive. But it is an imperfect solution.
<dirakx1> yes, so far.
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<dirakx1> so we need to put work into that ;).
<walter> Greg and the Fedora team is making some progress and I think Morgan is back on the case with Ubuntu...
<dirakx1> cool.
<dirakx1> so..a conclusion of the meeting could be that we have to wait and keep on trying for a better feedback?.
<walter> While we are waiting, we should be gathering data regarding potential pitfalls.
<dirakx1> yeah..
<dirakx1> one pitfall is that lack of understanding of communication tools..
<dirakx1> for example IRC and wikis.
<dirakx1> so we can start from that.
<dirakx1> i'll put some notes on the small deployment page related to that
<walter> OK.
<walter> Anything else for today?
<walter> You had some comments?
<dirakx1> and i'll keep on pinging about feedback...and some more deeply involved besides OLPC-sur
<dirakx1> one positive thing is that we are seeing more involvement on the OLPC-sur mailist related to that's good.
<walter> Yes. OLPC-Sur has been a great resource.
<dirakx1> we will see...i think we need more time to socialize ideas and communication.
<dirakx1> but a key subject is that the educators need to use some other resources to share their ideas.
<dirakx1> more conferences like openmind are needed!
<dirakx1> that's all :).
<walter> OK. I did hear back from Adam and he can help us get started. Also, I just got my flight switched to the 20th.
<walter> I mean the 19th.
<dirakx1> i'll book my flight to 19th also, then.
<walter> I'll let Hernan know and be back in touch about the Lima details.
<dirakx1> walter: great thanks.
<walter> OK. Talk to you all later.
<dirakx1> bye all.