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We are running periodic builds of Sugar using the buildbot automation system. Full builds, which starts every time from a clean source and installation tree, are run every 12 hours. Quick builds, which are built incrementally from the last build source and installation tree, are run every 2 hours. The status of the builds is available through a web interface and failures are notified to the development mailing list.


Waterfall Display
It gives you a time-oriented summary of recent buildbot activity, by showing a time-based chart of events. It provides detailed information about all steps of all recent builds, and provides hyperlinks to look at individual build logs. By simply reloading this page on a regular basis, you will see a complete description of everything the buildbot is currently working on.
Recent Builds
It shows the last 20 builds performed by the buildbot, one line each. Each line is a link to detailed information about that build.
Latest Build
It shows the status of the latest build for each builder and allows to force or interrupt builds.


The latest build master configuration is hosted in a sugar-buildbot git repository. The service is currently hosted on and is administered by Marco Pesenti Gritti.


See Infrastructure Team/Resources#Build_Bots.


You can contribute to the build and testing infrastructure by offering to host a slave on Linux distributions which are currently not covered. It's relatively easy to set one up.

  • Setup a dedicated user account for the slave, usually named buildbot.
  • Make a sugar-jhbuild on it, check that the build succeeds.
  • Install buildbot, preferably version 0.7.7.
  • Setup the slave. Name it by the distribution it's running on, including the architecture (ex. fedora9-x86_64).
buildbot create-slave slave SLAVENAME PASSWORD
cd slave
mv Makefile.sample Makefile
  • Run the slave:
make start 
  • Get in contact with master administrator to setup the builders.