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See also open bugs

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
Pending Browse-115 bug:
  1. Open
  2. Try to make a new blog entry
  3. Click add image
  4. Select image
  5. Finalize
  6. Browse crashes!
#2431 #2492 Cairo issues Review?
Done Nitpicky fixes:
  • Hotkey for touchpad icon
  • Browse-115? Browse disables multiple tab support as it detects a new version of cairo (11000). Cario version should be <=10800
  • Activity list updated
  • Activity update url updated (if needed)
all Review?
Done Spanish translations Review?
notabug Figure out if we need to 'yum clean all' after every update, to prevent yum from acting up!
metadata_expire repository parameter prevents frequent fetching metadata from the server. Since we fetch updates on daily basis, it should fine.
DONE Update computer resource usage indicator svg's anish Medium
Workaround Included. Check if the actual fix for this landed in the kernel and whether we're using it. Redisable mesh after suspend tch High
DONE Backport 0.90 fixes alsroot, anish Medium
DONE 1 2 NamingAlert being optional tch High
DONE Downgrading activities not allowed #2164 tch High
Info patch done, notification pending. Display lease info in 'About my computer' and notifiy if lease is about to expire mohit High
DONE OLPC Microformat compatible activity updater m_anish, gangil High
DONE Yum based updater for sugar alsroot, tch, m_anish High
Done Clear and complete error messages (even for crashes)

This is the ABRT feature. flash the notification icon, see a simple error, link to log activity and send report (implicit). (Don't use fedora ABRT for the moment) Description/Justification: It is difficult for folks from non-technical backgrounds to give useful feedback when problems arise with the software. Such an automated bug reporting tool could be very useful for decreasing the time spent between deploying the software and identifying the bugs. This feature should be integrated with the notification system (described above).

#1439, #1366, #630 tch, alsroot, mukesh_dce Medium
DONE Checks to prevent installation of incompatible activities #1442 alsroot Medium
Faster activity startup / memory savings (link to sugar-devel discussion and Quozl's research) Quozl Review
Done Sugar: "Panic key" to force regenerating datastore index (hold both shifts on boot? hidden ctrl-r hotkey in the journal?)
Done 3G connection sharing in Sugar tch
Pending Try out jdk on dx2 builds and see if its worthwhile. There are a few activities using java floating around, for eg. GeoGebra, jre-less bundle. anish, rafael, alsroot Low

UI Changes

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
DONE 12 kill the name picker that pops up when quitting activities (EASY):

Nobody ever uses it, it's just annoying and confusing for new users who don't know how to dismiss it. Maybe one day someone will come out with a less intrusive UI for the same purpose, but for the time being we're much better off without anything. (Gary suggests implementing Features/Write_to_journal_anytime)

tch Medium
Pending Figure out why so many control panels require restarting Sugar, and fix them not to (MEDIUM):

Because we use GConf for settings, we should be able to setup callbacks to be invoked on any change.

(check with Hemanshu?) Low
Review usability and Patch kill the "Mute" function on the volume icon in the frame (EASY):

I can't think of a useful use-case for it, and children often manage to turn on muting by simply clicking on the speaker icon (which is a lame UI, btw). If we remove this feature, we have to unconditionally unmute on startup! (Gary agreed and asked to file a ticket)

DONE Notification system (tch):

A notification system for the sugar platform has been a long standing TODO. It would be very useful in the field for teacher-trainers and onsite developers to quickly triage problems as the crop up. It would be useful for the students and teachers in terms of having a more standardized and usable interface.

tch High

Control panel items reduction

Status Issue/Feature Description Associated Bug Id's Owner Priority
DONE touchpad -> device icon on the frame + global keyboard shortcut to switch between resistive and capacitive walter, tch High
Done Change dx2 color scheme anish V.V. High priority ;-)
modem config -> context menu on the modem icon in the frame Low
Retest (anish) Register Again creates duplicate xs icons on the volumes toolbar done-by (tch) High
Done Journal sort by creation date - journal entries are being created with ctime=0 (41 years ago)
Having the patch, issue should be totally covered (ds set missed ctime).
alsroot High