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Sugar Code Sprint, Montevideo, May 13 - 14

Information previous to the Code Sprint in: EduJAM/2012/CodeSprint/Previous.

Working issues


1. Porting to gtk3

CodeSprint2012activitiesGTK3 d2.png

  • aguz and danielf ported Terminal activity to gtk3 (some pending bugs)

2. AC patches upstream

Made summary of next steps on issues in (dirakx, gonzalo)

3. Butiá robot

About Butia:

Worked on changing drivers to make them more architecture-independent. (Alain Aguiar, Guillermo Reisch)

4. olpc/sugar-games

(manuq, aguz, dfrancis, flavio)


  • Will use sugar-games, not olpc-games
  • manuq ported sugar-games to gtk3
  • Implement collaboration separately. [ACTION] humitos will implement basic SaredActivity to inherit from, which sends and receives strings.
  • [ACTION] port Maze (humitos)
  • [ACTION] port physics (manuq)

5. Serial ports

mlanghoff taught on serial ports usage.

6. offline oob dextrose/xs

Find ways to build dextrose and XS images being offline (needed in deployments with connectivity difficulties, like Nepal and Rwanda)

(tony+quidam worked hard on it, still in progress..)

7. Sharing on journal bugs

When an activity is shared, it is not possible resuming it without sharing with the same user.

  • flavio + gonzalo worked on it. (please update next steps)

8. bug on events in sugar-games

(related to #4). There seems to be a problem in events handling either on olpc-games and sugar-games. Checking out what happens using gtk3. (flavio)

9. checkers game

(hugo + hector)

10. Pilas Cairo port

Made good progress in porting Pilas-engine ( to Cairo for better integration with Sugar. (Hugo, Hector)


  • Flavio Danesse, ceibalJAM!, Activity Central, Uruguay
  • Alan Aguiar, Butiá, Uruguay
  • Guillermo Reisch, Butiá, Uruguay
  • Daniel Francis, ceibalJAM!, Uruguay
  • Agustin Zubiaga, ceibalJAM!, Uruguay
  • Manuel Quiñones, OLPC, Argentina
  • Gonzalo Odiard, OLPC, Argentina
  • Rafael Ortiz, Activity Central, Colombia
  • Manuel Kaufmann, OLPC, Argentina
  • Rubén Rodriguez, Activity Central, España
  • Pablo Flores, Activity Central, Uruguay
  • Hugo Ruscitti, Sugar Labs Argentina
  • Héctor Sánchez, Sugar Labs Argentina
  • Tony Anderson, Estados Unidos
  • Martin Langhoff, OLPC, Argentina
  • Gabriel Eirea, ceibalJAM!, Uruguay



More pictures at Flickr: