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Under a tree

  • you need two computers with wireless capabilities
  • on machine A reveal the palette of the network device (in the frame at the bottom) and click 'Create Network'
  • a network item called "<your name>'s Network" is added in the neighborhood view
  • on machine B connect to this network
  • verify that both machines are connected to the same network; the network device is in connected state and both machines are in the same IP range (listed in the device item's palette)

Internet Connection sharing

  • you need two computers with wireless capabilities; one needs to either have a second wireless interface or a wired network interface; furthermore you need a wireless or wired connection to the internet
  • connect the machine with two interfaces to your internet connection
  • create on that machine an ad hoc network as well
  • connect on the other machine (B) to that ad hoc network
  • machine B should be able to use the internet connection of machine A; use for example the Browse activity to verify this.

Test results

Include #Ticket#s and other references.