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Let's Build it Together: Sugar Labs' First Fundraiser


2024 Spring


One goal of the fundraiser is to create a solid foundation for Sugar Labs. Additional goals are working toward starting and hosting an annual "Sugar Code-In" and helping us have the financial means to further our own growth.


For this first fundraiser, we have multiple tiers of goals, which span from $50k-$225k. The more money we can raise, the more we can do with that money towards our mission.

For transparency, we're putting our goal numbers into the following budget items:

  • Funds for general operations for the next six months (presumably we’ll do a year-end fundraiser):
    • $50k-75k
  • Funds to launch a "Sugar Code-In" (over the winter months '24-'25):
    • $20k-40k to (pay stipends for mentors and improve infrastructure to support this program)
  • Budget for professional grant writing assistance:
    • $5k-10k
  • Budget for operational improvements:
    • $25k-100k

Fundraiser-related events are published on our Events page.

Ways to Donate =

Various ways you can donate are detailed on our Donate page.


The above was created from the following draft: