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Gentoo overlay is not supported any more, sweet build, a successor, should be used instead



At first, setup overlay in layman

layman --add sugar

To install core sugar components (services, window manager, etc.)

emerge glucose

To install core activities

emerge fructose

To install Sugar Platform
NOTE In most cases you don't need entirely sugar platform since it's hard to image that Gentoo will be used for regular sugar using, only developing sugar software thus you need only glucose and some parts of fructose like web-activity or terminal-activity.

emerge sugar-platform


Overlay was built and run on x86 and amd64(x86_64) platforms.

  • Stable release
    To install last stable release use ACCEPT_KEYWORDS x86 or amd64
  • Development release
    To install last release in development cycle use ACCEPT_KEYWORDS ~x86 or ~amd64
  • Git release
    Fetch sources from git repositories. All packages have 9999 version numbers.
    These packages have source USE flag to install links to .py sources, so you can keep git repositories in your sources directory and all .py files from /usr will be linked to your sources directory. To use this feature you need
    • setup SUGAR_SRC_ROOT environment variable
    • `git clone` all packages to $SUGAR_SRC_ROOT, names of subdirectories in $SUGAR_SRC_ROOT should be equal to proper package name
    • unmask '9999' packages(you can find full list in profiles/package.mask in overlay directory)

NOTE sugar-overlay uses unstable versions for some packages thus if use stable profile, change your package.keywords

cat <where_your_overlay_is>/profiles/<release>/package.keywords >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Runtime environment

To use telepathy-salut connection, start avahi

/etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start

To use jabber connection, configure jabber server in accordance with these instructions.


Post overlay related bugs to component gentoo-overlay