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How To Play Assimilate

Note: This document was written as if the game were completed and may need to be revised over time if the game changes during the development stage.

The Assimilate game will consist of 2 tabs which you can use to edit the game and play the game.

  • Edit - In this tab, you can create flashcards by adding questions and answers as well as categorizing the cards (geometry, algebra, etc).
  • Play - In this tab, you get to play the game which was created in the edit tab. You will be able to see a question and input an answer.
    • Note: The quicker you answer, the more points you will receive. There is a count down timer on the right side showing how many seconds remain before you loose points.
    • If you answered correctly, you will be awarded points and given a new question.
    • If you answered incorrectly, you will be given the choice to:
      • Allow for another guess (worth less points) or
      • View the correct answer and go on to the next question.
    • On the right side of the screen, you will be able to choose the category of math problems. The change will take effect after you proceed to the next question.

The teacher will be able to view a report with each student's responses and progress. The details of how this will work are unknown at this time. Please update this as the game is developed along with the Teacher Reporting Project.