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텍스트와 폰트

DejaVu LGS Sans

슈가 메뉴에서 사용되는 폰트
The font used in Sugar menus

OLPC 디스플레이는 200DPI입니다; 따라서, 1 포인트는 1/72 인치로 3 픽셀보다 작습니다 (2.78 픽셀). 디폴트 폰트 사이즈는 7pt입니다. 이 크기는 72DPI 기반의 어도비 일러스트레이터에서 19.45 pt와 비슷한 크기입니다. 활동 GUI mockup을 준비하기 위해서는, 상수 0.36을 곱해서 이 노트북의 디스플레이 해상도에 맞게 전환해야 함을 기억해 주십시오.

The OLPC display is 200DPI; therefore one point—1/72 inch—is just less than 3 pixels (2.78 pixels). We are settling on a default font size of 7pts. for the Sugar UI (using DejaVu LGS Sans). It is quite legible. This translates to a font size of approximately 19.45 pt in Adobe Illustrator, which bases its units on the traditional 72DPI display. For the purposes of preparing activity GUI mockups, you must always remember to make the conversion to the laptops' display resolution by multiplying by a constant factor of 0.36.

We will be looking at other faces, e.g., Arabic and Thai, and also looking into a large-type version of the interface for the younger children.


흑백 모드에서는 1200x900 (200 dpi), 컬러모드에서는 ~800x600 (133 dpi) 해상도를 가지므로, 일반 노트북들에 비해 글자들이 매우 선명하게 표현됩니다.

Due to the unique design of the OLPC display, particular techniques for text rendering will provide much better results than others. The dual mode display has a resolution of 1200x900 (200 dpi) in luminance mode, but only ~800x600 (133 dpi) in chrominance mode. Therefore, unless they are sufficiently large, fonts rendered with luminance and no chroma will appear sharper and more readable.

Additionally, the display has higher resolution in black pixels than in white pixels. This results from the fact that each pixel has a color part which contains either red, green, or blue information. In order to create white, red, green and blue parts must all work together; when off, each of the color parts is black on its own. Therefore, we recommend the use of black text on a white background for best readability of fine text.