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A desktop application to read and write interactive worksheets allowing embedded graphs, calculations and answerable questions. Possibily as an additional value-added task, a public website where teachers and/or students can share their own worksheets. This may be something that can share ideas with

The plan is to build in Python, utilising useful modules such as matplotlib and numpy, allowing readable rendered text and equations alongside executable code in a single document. This document will be readable and executable - providing the opportunity for students to experiment with changing values etc, generating graphs/diagrams/results as required to aid understanding.

This is similar in concept to worksheets available in MathCad Explorer such as the ones here and the work done here on WebLab as well as embedded objects in Sage notebooks.

The difference between these applications and the expectation of this project is the target audience. This application needs to have a comparitively simple interface, lowering the barrier to entry and allowing more teaching material to be created and shared.

Target audience is teachers of children aged 10-18, for aiding independant learning.

The worksheets would be written by teachers, and they can allow editable sections for answers, or to try different values in graphs/diagrams/equations.

If the software was set up in a school (one usage scenario) it could be configured to return results to a server. Worksheets could return statistics from integrated questions allowing teachers to target areas of weakness amongst the students.

About Me:

I've been developing in Python for 4-5 years now, since before I began my degree. I carry with me an interest in improving education from when I was myself at school, and believe much more could be done to improve the current situation. I like the idea of freely available education material, and believe that teachers - rather than large publishers - should be empowered to provide this material by working together.

I've also done two summer placements working in C++ and completed a medium sized group project in Java.

Contact Info:,


Start of program:

Work begins

- Establish useful areas to focus on

- Establish requirements

- Investigate similar applications and their methodologies.

- Develop GUI interface, with functionality to add text

- Develop code embedding functionality, allowing a document to be executed

Midterm evaluation:

At the midterm I hope to have a functional application that can save and load documents. Simple code can be embedded (just python, not necessarily any libraries)

- Work on other potentially embeddable objects - graphs, equations, diagrams. Establish a common interface that can be used.

- Documentation - User guides for both teachers and students. Create interactive worksheet to guide them through adding code etc.

- Testing