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Please also see Bryan's blog post on this topic and NoiseEHC's e-mail for some related information.

Types of Assessment implementations

[1] direct feedback

  • direct on-screen feedback (e.g. how many quesions have been solved correctly and incorrectly, how long it took to complete an exercise, etc.)

[2] stored locally

  • assessment stored on user's system
  • available from within each lesson
  • overview available in Chakra (nice to have)
  • assessment also available for other activities via Journal (very nice to have)


  • teacher activity that collects and displays pupil's assessment

[3] stored centrally

  • assessment stored centrally
  • either on per class / per grade / per school basis
  • storage on XS or in Moodle
  • teacher's view allows for quick look at class / grade / pupil performance


  • user interface:
    • within a lesson
    • within Chakra
      • if possible aggregrate assessments from all the currently available lessons
  • places to store the assessment in (non-exclusive):
    • browser
      • cookies (?)
      • localStorage
      • Google Gears
    • Journal
    • Moodle