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The below is out of date but kept for history


  • clean up main karma repo
  • add getopt.js to karma.js
  • create dummy kindex.html w/ links to examples
  • bundle in a basic browser and functionality to create xo bundles


  • investigate licensing questions (list of files declaring the license okay?) => (2009-07-21: contacted Andriani, will also do more research myself)
    • according to dsd we can simply include a LICENSE file in the top-directory and declare on a directory basis which licenses apply (jquery under MIT and GPL, Karma js code under MIT (?) and multimedia assets under CC-BY-SA)
  • investigate browser solution for Sugar .xo bundle
  • define requirements for browser for Sugar .xo bundles
    • html 5 capable;-)
    • integrate well with Sugar
      • on a visual level (or E-Paath fullscreen approach)
      • on a technical level: e.g. integration with Journal, DBUS, etc.)
    • candidates
      • Surf-106.xo
      • E-Paath brower (based on Firefox-6.xo)
      • custom HTML/JavaScript renderer (browse?)
      • browse on the early Fedora 11 based XO-1 images supports HTML 5
  • example of possible navigation and UI requirements
  • Web sites to be read:


  • Get "Adding Up to 10" working
  • Add i18n to "Adding up to 10"