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  • Subzero having trouble doing animation
  • Still thinks he can make Friday's deadline
  • Should try to get a js expert to assist subzero, perhaps Chris Blizzard? Bryan will ask Walter to assist.
  • Subzero to blog about challenges of using JavaScript for animation

IRC log

<BryanWB> subzero: hey dude!
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<subzero> iwikiwi: do you have news about your xo?
<BryanWB> subzero: how are things? get your XO yet?
<subzero> BryanWB: how are you?
<BryanWB> subzero: good, busy
<subzero> BryanWB: not yet. I got a tracking number
<BryanWB> subzero: how is progress?
 subzero: btw i can only talk for 40 minutes, then i have to go to the office
<subzero> BryanWB: it's hard to join animation with everything else :S
<BryanWB> subzero: damn
<subzero> BryanWB: ok
<BryanWB> subzero: should we try to get additional assistance for you?
<subzero> BryanWB: I think it's because. 1. there are no layers 2. how to run things in parallel
<BryanWB> subzero: u can run webworkers in parallel
 subzero: i wonder if we should contact chris blizzard
<subzero> BryanWB: a hand could be useful, jquery-dev?
<BryanWB> subzero: maybe, i do believe that chris blizzard is working on webworkers for js in mozilla and he used to work at OLPC, maybe Walter could help
<subzero> BryanWB: chris, I thin he is your friend, right?
<BryanWB> subzero: but u should first blog about problems and then e-mail jquery-en and jquery-dev
 subzero: my friend Chris probably doesn't know much about animation w/ js
 subzero: mi amigo cristobal marin, distinto de chris blizzard, quien trabaja a mozilla
 tony_f tomeu
<subzero> BryanWB: oh, I'm sorry about the confusion
<BryanWB> tomeu: no te preocupes ;)
 sorry ^^ for subzero
 tony_f tomeu
 tomeu: u in touch w/ cblizzard?
<subzero> so, should I write chris blizzard?
<BryanWB> subzero: do u think u will make Friday's deadline?
<subzero> I'll do my best
<BryanWB> subzero: just do you most hackish best and get whatever is working onto karma.sugarlabs.org by Friday evening
<subzero> BryanWB: yes, with a lot of troubles... but I'll have something (more or less) working
 BryanWB: ok
<BryanWB> subzero: u r a talented guy. I am confident that u can get it working in a minimalist way by Friday
 subzero: then take 30 minutes to write about it on the blog
 subzero: it will be easier for others to help us once they see what we are trying to do
<bemasc> subzero: maybe worth asking questions in #firefox?
<subzero> BryanWB: yes, thanks.
<BryanWB> subzero: sorry i haven't been more helpful w/ the animation. This last week QA for E-Paath is kicking my butt
<subzero> bemasc: mm, why not?, thanks!
<subzero> BryanWB: don't worry man. while you put me in the right direction all will be right
<BryanWB> subzero: are you at the point now where u would like to talk w/ an expert or do want to wait until after Friday?
 subzero: we can see if Walter can connect us to Chris Blizzard, since jeresig hasn't responded to our requests
<subzero> BryanWB: btw, you're aiming unit testing for karma in the future, I like the idea
<BryanWB> subzero: in the long-run yes
 subzero: but almost as important is a really easy way to see what errors are in the build
<subzero> BryanWB: if it's possible talk with an expert
<BryanWB> subzero: we have been doing some testing w/ E-Paath but hard to track if not output to a webpage
 subzero: alright, i will e-mail walter once we're done
<subzero> BryanWB: ok!
 BryanWB: btw, what do you think about backwards compatibility with sound?
<BryanWB> subzero: let's worry about backwards-compatibility later
 subzero: let's get something working then make it robust
 subzero: i think we should focus on <audio> for now and html5
<subzero> BryanWB: ok, so I'll be using the current code for <audio> (just ogg)
<BryanWB> subzero: i am even more excited about html5 since the Palm Pre is taking off and google wave is built on top of it
<subzero> BryanWB: yes, google wave seems really interesting
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<BryanWB> subzero: do u have more to say about animation challenges w/ js than what you wrote here http://karmaproject.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/animation-with-jquery/ ?
<subzero> BryanWB: yes!, a lot more
 BryanWB: new post?
<BryanWB> subzero: it would be best if u could write that up before we ask blizzard and/or jeresig for help
<subzero> BryanWB: ok
<BryanWB> subzero: "animation w/ js" is a very broad area
 subzero: explaining our particular issues will make it easier for them to help
<subzero> BryanWB: so, are yous aying to reduce the area?
<BryanWB> subzero: no, no, just explain problems u r having
<subzero> BryanWB: ok
<BryanWB> subzero: when u say animation w/ js, peolpe often think of 3D and highly complex stuff, not what we want
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<subzero> BryanWB: #firefox they're saying the same than you "web workers"
 BryanWB: ooooh, that's right
<BryanWB> subzero: i believe webworkers is a W3C standards
 subzero: and other browsers are implementing them
<subzero> BryanWB: I'm looking about official info..
<BryanWB> subzero:  http://www.w3.org/TR/workers/
<subzero> BryanWB: man, you're faster than me :)
<BryanWB> subzero: sorry dude, i remembered the url ;)
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<BryanWB> subzero: looks like chrome will support them soon too http://m.cnet.com/site?sid=cnet&pid=News.Detail&category=2&topic=10251563
 html5 has soo much momentum behind it, just amazes me
<dirakx> gcompris activities are heavely promoted to ASLO ..;)
<subzero> BryanWB: webworkers seems that I'll use it
<BryanWB> subzero: cool, so i have to go in a little bit
 subzero: can u get a blog post out in the next couple hours about animation issues?  Please don't spend than 30 minutes on it
 s/spend/spend more/
<subzero> BryanWB: yep
 BryanWB: I'm on the way
<BryanWB> subzero: great, then I will e-mail walter and ask for help
<subzero> BryanWB: excellent
<BryanWB> subzero: anything else?
<subzero> BryanWB: mmm, that's all I think
<BryanWB> subzero: here are just quick notes http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Karma:Meeting_09_Jun_2009