Karma:Meeting 14 Sep 2009

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  1. Release of 0.1
    1. Anything left to do?
    2. How best to add in knavbar?
    3. How best to handle different screen resolutions?
    4. Is it bad to use ul and ols for layout? no -- mpavel will refactor it to not use uls or ols
    5. Article for olpcnews.com ok?
    6. We should use camelCase consistently
    7. Need to validate chakra against an html5 validator but only existing one is very experimental http://html5.validator.nu/
  2. GSoC -- anything left to do?
  3. Release 0.2
    1. Review roadmap
      1. roxan will refactor quadrilaterals for 0.2
      2. Do Basic Sounds III -- subzero will try w/ svg
      3. Do second version of Adding_Up as subtraction problem, multiplication. or division -- bryanwb
      4. Do basic i18n in basic sounds, adding_up, and quads -- bryanwb
      5. Make i18n into a separate plugin -- bryanwb -- k18n
    2. Anything else need to be added?
    3. Anything too ambitious?
  4. Immediate Tasks
    1. i18n
    2. Evaluating use of SVG, need to try out raphaeljs and [ http://docs.dojocampus.org/dojox/gfx dojo.gfx]
    3. Evaluate other canvas animation frameworks like cakejs
  5. Launchpad
    1. How like it so far?
    2. Better ways we can use it?