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A new Sugar based project for Berlin

Awarded with the first prize for a project idea based on open source software by the senate of Berlin, Germany. The prize giving ceremony as part of DesktopSummit 2011 is the starting shot for a new Sugar based project in Berlin.

The Background

Learning software for children in Germany is either commercial or uncharitable, or both. Computer skills with educators - especially for children in preschool - is widely poor. This led Raffael Reichelt, himself father of two kids, to Sugar and Sugar Labs.

The Idea

He developed the idea of learning studios for children in order to introduce the kids, their parents, educators and teachers to Sugar. In this learning studios kids will get equipped with a personal Sugar on a Stick USB-Stick.

Especially in districts with weak social structure or population with a migration background it is very difficult for children to get access to quality education. Parents in this districts are in most cases neither able to provide the children with adequate equipment and support. Sugar on a Stick is a reasonable solution to this problem.

In this learning studios the children learn how to use Sugar on a Stick and the Activities. They get secured (kid safe) access to the Internet and may dig deeper into Sugar in courses and projects offered in the studio.

Beside the program for the children the learning studios will provide courses for interested parents, educators and teachers.

With a mobile studio environment learning about and using Sugar will be available also for institutions without computer infrastructure. This Mobile Lab can be ordered for project weeks.

The Realisation

A non-profit company is about to launch in October 2011. At the moment formalities and funds are to be checked and search for a suitable location/rooms to open up a first pilot studio began.